Table 2: Perioperative outcome. 𝑃 value given for two-sided Kruskal-Wallis and Fisher’s exact test. Figures that cause a statistically significant difference are printed bold. 1Cases with perioperative mortality excluded. R0/R+: pancreatoduodenectomy with free/positive resection margins, M0: absence of distant metastasis at laparotomy, M+: presence of distant or peritoneal metastasis at laparotomy, bypass: palliative bypass procedures.

R0 resectionR+ resectionBypass 𝑃 value

𝑁 17271117
Overall morbidity91/53%34/48%54/46%0.369
Surgical morbidity60/35%23/32%27/23%0.038
Severe morbidity21/12% 9/13%15/13%0.867
POPF B/C19/11%2/3%0.044
DGE B/C21/12% 8/11%12/10%0.725
Postoperative bleeding9/5%6/9%1/1%0.026
RBC transfusion76/44%38/54%7/6%<0.001
Overall mortality7/4%2/3%7/6%0.413
Surgical mortality7/4%2/3%3/3%0.758
Hospital days, median (range)117 (9–62)15 (9–61)13 (4–80)<0.001