Table 3: Survival analysis. Survival function estimates by Kaplan-Meier method, 𝑃 value given for Logrank test, R0/R1/R2: pancreatoduodenectomy with microscopically free/microscopically positive/macroscopically positive resection margins, PVR: pancreatoduodenectomy with portal venous resection, M0: absence of distant metastasis at laparotomy, M+: presence of distant or peritoneal metastasis at laparotomy, bypass: palliative bypass procedures.

Resection groupBypass group

𝑁 1716011151913780
% of total48%17%3%42%25%10%22%
Median survival [months]181891718104
3-year survival24%8%0%22%15%<4%0%
𝑃 value versus bypass M0<0.0010.0410.9230.0030.0020.002