Figure 1: Katanin protein subunits. (a) Human Katanin p60 subunit (KATNA1). Domains in p60 include replication factor C large subunit, AAA region, Vps4 domain. AAA region contains ATP binding Walker motifs (Walker A and Walker B). N-terminal region contains KATNB1 (p80) and microtubule interaction regions. Several serine and threonine residues undergo phosphorylation by Kinases like DYRK-2. Sequence in box represents sequence of AAA region. (b) Human Katanin p80 subunit (KATNB1). WD40 and Con80 domains are parts of KATNB1. KATNB1 interacts with dynein, PAFAH1B1, KATNA1, NDEL1, and centrosome. KATNB1 has single phosphorylation site at Serine395. (c) (I) Tertiary structure of N-terminal region (residues 1–72) of p60 of mouse (Mus musculus) Katanin (PDB Accession Code: 2RPA). The structure shows three alpha helical strands (bundle helix) and surface of this region of protein. (II) Electrostatic potential map of N-terminal region of Mouse p60 subunit of Katanin. (Map potential to surface: red = −1.8, white = 0, blue = +1.8, dielectric constant of solvent = 80 D, and solvent ionic strength = 0). (III) Predicted tertiary structure of human KATNB1 (structure predicted using protein structure prediction server). (Acknowledgement: Protein Data Bank, Molecular Bioinformatics Center of National Chiao Tung University).