Table 2: Katanin protein subunits p60 and p80 in different organisms.

Speciesp60 length*p80 length*AAA region*Walker A motif*Walker B motif*NCBI accession number

Homo sapiens491655241–382249–256304–309 p60: AAC25114
p80: NP_005877
Xenopus laevis486351238– 379246–253301–306p60: AAD53310
p80: AAC25113
Arabidopsis thaliana523836271–414279–286334–339p60: AEE36390
p80: AED93167
Drosophila melanogaster571823325–462333–340388–393p60: AAF34687
p80: AAF34688
Caenorhabditis elegans472280225–363233–240288–293p60: AAA28109
p80: AAF62184

* All lengths and regions are given in aminoacid stretch length in the polypeptide/protein.