Table 3: Possible error conditions within a class/module.

Error condition Examples

Error in computation

Wrong Algorithm The module may carry out estimations wrongly due to faulty requirements or wrong coding of requirements
Calculation of underflow or overflow The algorithm may produce in a divide by zero state

Error in data

Unacceptable data The module may accept out of range or wrong input data, no data, wrong data type or size, or premature data; produce wrong or no output data; or both
Input data trapped at some value A sensor may read zero, one, or some other value
Bulky data rates The module may not be able to handle a vast amounts of data or many input requests simultaneously

Error in logic

Wrong or unpredicted commands The module may receive improper data but continue to execute a process. It may be intended to do the proper thing under improper situation/state
Failed to issue a command The module may not call a routine under certain circumstances