International Scholarly Research Notices / 2012 / Article / Tab 4

Clinical Study

Brain Activation in Primary Motor and Somatosensory Cortices during Motor Imagery Correlates with Motor Imagery Ability in Stroke Patients

Table 4

Significant clusters of activation for the conjunction analysis of the tasks’ pair “Imagery of the affected hand” (IA) and “Pinching with affected hand” (PA). Single-voxel uncorrected threshold cluster size 15. BA: Brodmann area at given coordinates.

Conjunction analysis IA and PARegionsBA #Voxels MNI

Non-lesioned brain side Inferior parietal lobule684.45−33−5151
Precentral gyrus679494.74−24−1257
Inferior parietal lobule283.74−60−3042
Supramarginal gyrus3.51−60−3636
Superior parietal lobule233.42−21−5760
Precentral gyrus648183.50−54 0 36
Inferior frontal gyrus (p.opercularis)4479173.26−57 9 15

Lesioned brain sidePrecentral gyrus678484.34 42 −957
Thalamus394.45 6 −270
Insula 363.66 45 3 9
Supplementary motor area693254.40 9 −660

#Voxels: number of voxels in cluster. MNI: coordinates in the Montreal Neurological Institute standard brain space. : maximum score in cluster. The percentage of voxels from the cluster falling within the named region is indicated by the superscripted values (obtained by the SPM Anatomy Toolbox).