International Scholarly Research Notices / 2012 / Article / Tab 5

Clinical Study

Brain Activation in Primary Motor and Somatosensory Cortices during Motor Imagery Correlates with Motor Imagery Ability in Stroke Patients

Table 5

Significant clusters of activation for the comparison between “Pinching with affected hand” (PA) and “Imagery of the affected hand”. For the comparison PA > IA, a single-voxel uncorrected threshold and cluster size was chosen. BA: Brodmann area at given coordinates.

PA > IARegions BA #Voxels MNI

Non-lesioned brain sideMiddle occipital gyrus1824.94−39−900
Inferior occipital gyrus4.72−39−81−3
Inferior temporal gyrus3.26−45−66−9
Postcentral gyrus304.21−57−2133
Inferior parietal lobule2153.07−51−2742
Superior parietal lobule3.34−21−5466
Paracentral lobule4a40 4a(les)15174.84−3−3675

Precentral gyurs6424.7327−2166
Inferior parietal lobule2203.8336−4251
Superior parietal lobule 23.7436−4557
Postcentral gyrus4p23.5615−3363
Supramarginal gyrus2443.3766−2430
Paracentral lobule63.319−2172
Precentral gyrus63.2342−1563
Lesioned brain sidePostcentral gyrus3b62.9545−2148
Postcentral gyrus123.1560−2148
Superior frontal gyrus564.0221−357
Superior parietal lobule434.2012−6366
Parahippocampal gyrus353.7318−12−21
Middle occipital gyrus173.0939−8715
Calcarine gyrus1799163.3615−963

#Voxels: number of voxels in cluster. MNI: coordinates in the Montreal Neurological Institute standard brain space. : maximum score in cluster. The percentage of voxels from the cluster falling within the named region is indicated by the superscripted values (obtained by the SPM Anatomy Toolbox).