International Scholarly Research Notices / 2012 / Article / Tab 6

Clinical Study

Brain Activation in Primary Motor and Somatosensory Cortices during Motor Imagery Correlates with Motor Imagery Ability in Stroke Patients

Table 6

Significant clusters of activation for the main effects of “Imagery of the unaffected hand” (IU > Rest). Single-voxel uncorrected threshold , cluster size . BA: Brodmann area at given coordinates.

IU > RESTRegions BA #Voxels MNI

Non-lesioned brain sideInferior parietal lobule5279.86−45−4251
Supramarginal gyrus5.74−57−2433
Precentral gyrus6543016.19−36−1860
Middle frontal gyrus5.26−27 6 48

Lesioned brain sideSupramarginal gyrus1556.43 54 −3045
Inferior parietal lobule2274.36 42 −4245
Thalamus365.71 21 −2715
Middle temporal gyrus274.79 63 −399
Precentral gyrus618214.16 54 −642
Precentral gyrus693185.40 42 −954

BilateralSupplementary motor area6492126.06 6 −669
Superior frontal gyrus6464.50−18−669

#Voxels: number of voxels in cluster. MNI: coordinates in the Montreal Neurological Institute standard brain space. : maximum score in cluster. The percentage of voxels from the cluster falling within the named region is indicated by the superscripted values (obtained by the SPM Anatomy Toolbox).