Table 1: Upper control limit (UCL) for surface ozone at different Indian cities, estimated statistically (Gupta and Kapoor, 1993 [19]) from the mean control chart using the monthly maximum surface ozone data at New Delhi, Pune, Kodaikanal, and Thiruvananthapuram over the period from 1998–2008 and at Nagpur during the period from 2005–2007.

CityUCL for surface ozone

New Delhi (28.4°N, 77.13°E)79.5 ppbv
Nagpur (21°N, 79°E)57.6 ppbv
Pune (18.5°N, 73.5°E)57.3 ppbv
Kodaikanal (10°N, 77.5°E)43.4 ppbv
Thiruvananthapuram (8.28°N, 76.56°E)47.3 ppbv