Table 1: Effects of management regime on plant species richness and diversity in plantations in Japan.

Management regimeChange in plant species richness or diversity
IncreasingNo changeDecreasing

Line cuttingSakuta et al. [25] Ito et al. [26]
Yamagawa et al. [27]

Hanada et al. [30]
ThinningIshii et al. [31]Nagai and Yoshida [33]
Hirata et al. [32]

Rotation frequencyHino and Hiura [36]

AgeIto et al. [43] Nagaike et al. [50]
Nagaike et al. [48]

Distance from seed sourcesGonzales and Nakashizuka [54] (seedling)Takahashi and Kamitani [51]
Gonzales and Nakashizuka [54] (saplings)
Utsugi et al. [55] (seedlings and saplings in unthinned, seed fall and seed bank in thinned)Utsugi et al. [55] (seedlings and saplings in thinned)