Research Article

A Comprehensive Study of Micro-Hydropower Plant and Its Potential in Bangladesh

Table 3

Potential micro-hydrosites identified by LGED Officials.

Name of the canal with locationSectional area (m)2Lowest flood level (m)Highest flood level (m)Power potential (kW)

Nunchari Tholi Khal in Khagrachari110.06 (May)35
Sealock Khal in Bandarban250.15 (April)430
Taracha Khal in Bandarban350.1 (April)620
Rowangchari Khal in Bandarban300.1 (April)510
Hnara Khal in Kamal Chari, Rangamati200.15 (May)4.2010
Hnara Khal in, Hang Khrue Chara Mukh, Rangamati250.12 (May)430
Monjaipara micro-hydropower Unit150.50110
Bamer Chara irrigation Project10