Figure 2: Comparison of carboxymethyl cellulase activity between Bacillus species at various cultivation pH. 10476, B. licheniformis KACC10476; 10917, B. pumilus KACC10917; 10111, B. subtilis KACC10111; 2105, B. amylolicheniformis KCTC2105; 3045, B. licheniformis KCTC3045; 3348, B. pumilus KCTC3348; 3560, B. subtilis KCTC3560; SL9-9, isolate from animal waste slurry; C5-16, isolate from compost; S52-2, isolate from soil. Bacterial cells were grown in carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) media with various initial pH at 28°C for 3 days in a shaking incubator, and then their CMCase activities in cell-free culture supernatants were measured.