Table 1: Summary of herb-glibenclamide interaction.

Name of plantType of studyInteraction of glibenclamide

Zingiber officinaleIn STZ-induced diabetic ratPotentiation of effect, lacks trial on patient
Cassia auriculataIn STZ-induced diabetic ratNot documented
Aloe veraPlacebo-controlled single blinded randomised study in patientsBeneficial and promising effect
Ginkgo bilobaDouble-blind randomised trial in patientContraindication
Pleurotus pulmonariusAlloxan-induced diabetic miceSynergistic effect
Opuntia speciesTrial in patientsContradictory results
Gymnema sylvestreTrial in patientsSynergistic effect but showed hypoglycemia as adverse effect
Trigonella foenum graceumSTZ-induced diabetic ratsSynergistic effect
Azadirachta indicaAlloxan-induced diabetic rabbitsNo contraindication is reported
Momordica charantiaSTZ-induced diabetic ratsSynergistic effect
CaffeineTrial in type II diabetic patientsContradictory reports about its beneficial effect in diabetes
Allium SativumAlloxan-induced diabetic ratsNo contraindication is reported
Coccinia indicaAlloxan-induced diabetic ratsSignificant hypoglycemic effect
Sesame oilMild to moderate diabetic patientsSynergistic effect