Table 1: CD200tg, CD200R1KO, and CD200R1KO·CD200tg graft survival in wt/CD200tg mice.

BL/6 donor miceaBALB/c recipientsbMST (with range)cPercentage of grafts surviving >75 d

Control (wt)wt9.4 (7–12)0%
Control (wt)CD200tg48.8 (19–129)**50%
CD200KOwt7.6 (7–11)0%
CD200KOCD200tg42.2 (15–121)**40%
CD200R1KOwt8.8 (7–13)0%
CD200R1KOCD200tg32.4 (17–88)*20%
CD200R1KO·CD200tgwt11 (9–25)0%
CD200R1KO·CD200tgCD200tg33 (19–97)*30%

Cardiac grafts were obtained from individual donors (all on doxycycline, DOX, for 7 days to induce transgene expression) and transplanted to 10 recipients/group (all maintained on DOX).
cGrafts were palpated daily for evidence of rejection; MST indicates mean (graft) survival time in days. * compared with 1st row; ** compared with CD200R1KO or CD200R1KO·CD200tg grafts transplanted to CD200tg (rows 6 and 8).