Table 6: Multivariate analysis exploring associations between BPD and city of birth ( 𝑛 = 2 0 8 ).

OR95% CI

City of birth (Bogotá)11.821.312.53
City of birth (Cali)0.800.461.39
Gender (male)1.040.931.15
Gestational age (wPMA)1.020.971.07
Birth weight1.001.001.00
Antenatal steroids1.000.841.18
Preterm premature rupture of membranes1.181.051.33
Ventilatory support (nCPAP + MV)
Use of Surfactant (rescue)1.361.101.68
Use of Surfactant (no surfactant)
FIO2 (median value)11.541.102.16
Air Leak syndrome0.960.751.24

1OR adjusted by interaction term City × FIO2 (Lincom statistics). nCPAP: nasal continuous airway pressure, MV: mechanical ventilation, PDA: patent ductus arteriousus.