Table 3: Logistic regression analysis (odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals) with ICU-LOS as dependent variable.

ICU-LOS (days)
Crude OR (95% CI) 𝑃 -valueAdjusted* OR (95% CI) 𝑃 -value

Preoperative serum Cr (mg/dL)0.0070.049
 >1.43.6 (1.4–9.3)3.0 (1.0–8.7)
Mean intraoperative blood glucose (mg/dL)0.0020.004
 >1302.8 (1.5–5.4)3.0 (1.4–6.4)
Preoperative AF0.0060.012
 Yes6.0 (1.7–22.0)6.3 (1.5–26.4)
Logistic EuroSCORE (%)<0.0010.017
 >5.44.3 (2.2–8.4)2.6 (1.2–5.6)

AF: atrial fibrillation, CI: confidence interval, Cr: creatinine, EuroSCORE: European system for cardiac operative risk evaluation, ICU: intensive care unit, LOS: length of stay, OR: odds ratio.
*Adjusted for gender, age, BMI, chronic pulmonary disease, diabetes, type of surgery, preoperative IABP, CBP, EFLV, duration of surgery, duration of cardiopulmonary bypass, emergency, ischemic time, and RBC.