Table 1: Strains, plasmids, and phage.

Strain, plasmid, or phageRelevant genotypeSource

 GS162WTThis lab
 GS776cycA30::Tn10 This lab
 GS854argA81::Tn10 This lab
 GS998GS162 gcvA [27, 28]
 GS1132GS162 Δ(gcvAgcvB)::ΩaadA (referred to as ΔgcvAB)[19]
 GS1144GS162 ΔgcvB::ΩCMR (referred to as ΔgcvB)[21]
 GS1148GS162 hfq-1::ΩCMR (referred to as Δhfq)[23]
 pGS554Single-copy vector + constitutive gcvB (p 𝑔 𝑐 𝑣 𝐵 2 + )[19]
 pGS571Multicopy vector + WT gcvB (p 𝑔 𝑐 𝑣 𝐵 3 + )[29]
 pGS594Single-copy vector + WT gcvB (p 𝑔 𝑐 𝑣 𝐵 + )This lab
 pGS609Multi-copy vector + WT hfq (phfq 3+)[23]
 pGS611Multi-copy vector + WT gcvA (p 𝑔 𝑐 𝑣 𝐴 3 + )This study
 pGS624Multi-copy vector + WT gcvA gcvB (p 𝑔 𝑐 𝑣 𝐴 3 + 𝑔 𝑐 𝑣 𝐵 3 + )This study
λgt2λ cloning vector; cI857 repressor[30]
λhdeA::lacZ λ vector carrying WT hdeA::lacZ fusionThis study
λhdeB::lacZ λ vector carrying WT hdeB::lacZ fusionThis study
𝜆 𝑑 𝑒 𝐴 3 6 ::lacZ λ vector carrying 𝑑 𝑒 𝐴 3 6 ::lacZ transcriptional fusionThis study
λPBAD::hdeA::lacZ λ vector carrying hdeA::lacZ fusion under control of the PBAD promoterThis study

*All strains also carry the pheA905 thi araD129 rpsL150 relA1 deoC1 flbB5301 ptsF25 rbsR mutations.