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Research Article

Metabolic and Hormonal Alterations with Diacylglycerol and Low Glycemic Index Starch during Canine Weight Loss

Table 1

Average body weight, body fat, and daily food consumption of experimental diets during the feeding period.

DietP value
LDLTHDHTOilStarch Oil by starch

Body Wt, kg

week 1 nsnsns
week 8 nsnsns
Δ ns0.008ns

Body fat, %

week 1 nsnsns
week 8 nsnsns
Δ nsnsns

Food intake, g nsnsns
Food intake, kJ ns0.038ns

Mean ± SEM, .; ns denotes no statistical difference. denotes % change, (week 1–week 8) 100. values are for two-way ANOVA with starch and oil as fixed factors. < 0.05 is considered significant.