Table 3: General rehabilitation goals and projected outcomes for children dependent on long-term mechanical ventilation.

General goalsAppropriate positioning for functional activity such as feeding, play, and fine motor activity
Activity tolerance/cardiorespiratory response adequate for activity
Developmental motor milestone achievement
Improved functional mobility
Maintenance or improvement of skin integrity and musculoskeletal alignment
Provision of adequate equipment (e.g., ADL equipment, seating and positioning, orthotics)
Functional communication
Adequate nutrition for health
Caregiver education

Intended rehabilitation outcomes

Clinical outcomesDevelopmental skill attainment
Mobility independence
Independence with activities of daily living
Communication commensurate with cognitive ability
Health promotion to minimize dependence on ventilator and caregivers
Prevention outcomesReduction in need for additional intervention
Reduction in risk of impairment or impairment progression
Reduction in risk of re-hospitalization
Child/family satisfaction outcomesClinical proficiency of rehabilitation staff
Coordination of care is demonstrated
Access and availability of services acceptable