International Scholarly Research Notices / 2012 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Doripenem Dosing Recommendations for Critically Ill Patients Receiving Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

Table 4

Dosing recommendations for patients on CRRT [25].

CRRT procedureEstimated CrCLDoseFrequencyInfusion timea,bTarget attainment (MIC)

CVVH≤30 mL/min250 mgq12h4 hours≤1 mg/L
CVVHDF<5 mL/min250 mgq12h4 hours≤1 mg/L
CVVHDF5–30 mL/min500 mgq12h4 hours≤1 mg/L

a For patients with acute kidney impairment on CRRT, an infusion time of 4 hours is required, taking into consideration the possible increases in nonrenal clearance of carbapenems in patients with acute renal insufficiency.
b Patients with chronic kidney disease on CRRT can be treated with either a 1- or 4-hour infusion time. Based mainly on pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic considerations, a 4-hour infusion time may be more suitable to maximize the percentage time during the dosing interval that the free plasma concentration of doripenem exceeds the minimum inhibitory concentration (% fT > MIC).