Figure 4: CXCL14/BRAK expression in carcinoma cells reduces cell motility. (a) Wound-healing (scratch) assay. Confluent HSC-3 Mock or HSC-3 BRAK cells grown in 6-well plates with DMEM containing 10% FBS were scratched with the 200 μL tip to make an approximate 1 mm wide wound; and then the wells were washed with fresh medium to remove cell debris, and the plates were further incubated for 6 h. Cell images of 3 identical fields at 0 h and 6 h for each sample were obtained by phase-contrast microscopy, and the photos at 6 h are shown. White dashed lines indicate original width of the wound. (b) The cell migration was determined in triplicate by use of ImageJ software, and the average of the migration distance in each sample was calculated. Statistical significance was analyzed by Student's t-test calculated from the total data obtained from 3 independent experiments. (c) Cell nuclear trajectory line for 3 h in the absence (control) or in the presence of 100 pg/mL of recombinant EGF is shown. (d) The migration rates were determined by ImageJ software. , . (Cited from [4]).