Table 2: Selected family and target child characteristics.

CharacteristicChildren with asthma
Children without asthma

Age (years) of target childMean 9.2 (med 9.0)7.9 (med 8.0)
Male sex62%51%
Family annual income ≤ $35,00013%13%
Family received food stamps5%4%
Parent reports no education beyond high school12%15%
Parent concerned target child is overweight15%10%
Overweight or obese using BMI classifications40.5%36.5%
Academic problems at school10%7%
Behavior problems at school9%6%
Days absent from school4.8 (med 3)2.2 (med 1)
No ED visits in past year68%82%
No inpatient hospital days92%94%
Days spent as hospital inpatient for children who were admitted4.31 (med 2) 6.38 (med 2)
Hay fever/allergies79%35%
Sleeping problems18%10%
Overweight/obesity41% whole sample
41% school-aged
37% whole sample
34% school-aged
No healthcare coverage5%7%
Medicaid or CHIP healthcare ins16%13%

*Percentages are rounded.