Research Article

An Isocratic Method for Quantification of Valproic Acid and Its Related Impurities Using Ion Pair Reagent by Ultraperformance Liquid Chromatography

Table 4

Summary of validation results observed by the proposed method.


LOD ( g/mL)
LOQ ( g/mL)
Accuracy (%)99.12–99.8098.27–101.1100.01–101.998.56–101.35
Precision (RSD, %)
 Method precision0.611.210.901.07
 Intermediate precision0.910.330.561.34
 Range ( g/mL)50–40050–40050–40050–400
 Correlation coefficient0.9980.9970.9990.995
 Theoretical plate 35426 21329 17200 31128