Figure 1: Histological profiles of kidney in Sham (a1, b1), vehicle control (a2, b2), CAPT (a3, b3), LOSA (a4, b4), P 31.25 (a5, b5), P62.5 (a6, b6), and P125 (a7, b7) groups at euthanasia. Note that relatively well-developed histological profiles of kidney were detected in Sham (a1, b1) but epithelial necrosis and desquamation affecting tubules of cortex is detected, and Glomeruli, proximal and distal tubules were severely and locally disrupted in vehicle control (a2, b2). However, these ARF-related histopathological changes on the kidney are dramatically or dose-dependently decreased in all dosing groups tested (a3~a7, b3~b7). Arrow indicated the local disrupted regions. All H&E stain; scale bars = 100 μm.