International Scholarly Research Notices / 2012 / Article / Fig 16

Research Article

Bacterial and Yeast Endophytes from Poplar and Willow Promote Growth in Crop Plants and Grasses

Figure 16

Root weights of inoculated and uninoculated grass under nitrogen stress. Root weights of perennial grass variety (G3) inoculated with endophytes:PTD1, WPB, WP19, WP1, and WW6 and uninoculated under nitrogen stress at 7 weeks. G3.5-uninoculated (no nitrogen), G3.6-inoculated (no nitrogen), G3.7-uninoculated (full nitrogen), G3.8-inoculated (full nitrogen), G3.11-uninoculated (1/5 nitrogen), G3.12-inoculated and (1/5 nitrogen). Bars represent standard error of means.