Figure 1: Optimisation of Kaede photoconversion parameters in muscle. (a) Photomicrograph of a 3 dpf zebrafish compound transgenic larva (Actin:gal4 × UAS:Kaede) prior to photoconversion showing green Kaede protein, and no red fluorescence. (b) The same larva as (a) after photoconversion, showing rectangular red area of photoconverted Kaede, photoconversion was achieved using 40 cycles of 40% 405 nm laser power. (c) and (d) The effect of varying the number of cycles (c) and laser power. (d) of the 405 nm Photoconversion laser on the change in ratio of red to green fluorescence during photoconversion. Gal4 UAS:Kaede larva, similar to that shown in (a). When not varied, 120 cycles or 40. Photoconversion was carried out on a small area of tissue in an actin: % laser power were used.