Research Article

Mild External Compression of the Leg Increases Skin and Muscle Microvascular Blood Flow and Muscle Oxygenation during Simulated Venous Hypertension

Figure 2

Anterior tibial skin (a) and muscle (b) microvascular blood flows measured by photoplethysmography (PPG) during 3 experimental conditions. Mild external leg compression of 40 mmHg alone does not affect skin and muscle perfusion in a supine healthy subject. Simulated venous hypertension using a 65 mmHg thigh tourniquet decreases skin microvascular blood flow by 62% and muscle microvascular blood flow by 68%. Mild external leg compression of 40 mmHg during venous hypertension doubles skin microvascular blood flow compared to the simulated venous hypertension alone. * repeated measures ANOVA.