Table 2: Related work on computing minimum link cuts.

Year Reference Complexity Description

1971 Podderyugin
Undirected graphs. Variation of Ford-Fulkerson max-flow algorithm in how augmenting paths of one and two hops are handled.

1971 Tarjan [67] Testing for 2-link connectivity in undirected graphs via DFS.

1975 Even and Tarjan [29] Application of Dinitz' algorithm.

1986 Karzanov and Timofeev [59] Undirected graphs.

1987 Matula [43] , Undirected graphs. It is also shown that the maximum subgraph link connectivity can be determined in .

1989 Mansour and Schieber [45] , Directed graphs. Relation between minimum cut and dominating set.

1990 Nagamochi and Ibaraki [71] Undirected graphs. Algorithm does not use a max-flow algorithm.

1991 Galil and Italiano [72] Testing for 3-link-connectivity in undirected graphs.

1991 Gabow [73] , Directed, resp. undirected graphs. Matroid approach.

1996 Karger [74] Randomized algorithm.