Figure 4: Sterculic oil alters hepatic inflammatory gene expression in ob/ob mice. Hepatic gene expression analysis was performed in wild-type (WT) and ob/ob (OB) mice receiving an AIN-93G diet (AIN) or a sterculic oil-supplemented diet (SO). (a) Hepatic lipogenic gene expression was unchanged by SO but elevated with obesity. (b) Obesity associated increases in hepatic inflammation were attenuated in part by SO supplementation. Data are presented as means ± SE; -7 per group. Data were analyzed by two-way ANOVA and significance for the effects of diet (d), genotype (g), or their interaction ( ) set at . When a significant interaction effect was found a Bonferroni multiple comparisons test was used to determine differences within groups. WT AIN versus WT SO; OB AIN versus OB SO.