Figure 6: Sterculic oil associated changes in subcutaneous adipose tissue gene expression. Gene expression analysis was performed in subcutaneous adipose tissue isolated from wild-type (WT) and ob/ob (OB) mice receiving an AIN-93G diet (AIN) or a sterculic oil-supplemented diet (SO). Relative mRNA expression of select (a) metabolic and (b) inflammatory genes reveal a SO associated increase in GLUT1 expression in ob/ob mice and an obesity associated increase in select markers of inflammation. Data are presented as means SE; -7 per group. Data were analyzed by two-way ANOVA and significance for the effects of diet (d), genotype (g), or their interaction ( ) set at . When a significant interaction effect was found a Bonferroni multiple comparisons test was used to determine differences within groups. OB AIN versus OB SO.