Table 1: (a) Variables for the stochastic model. (b) Parameters for the stochastic model.

Variable Description Initial condition

The concentration of uninfected CD4 cells at time 100
The concentration of infected CD4 cells at time 0.02
The concentration of virus particles at time 0.001


Parameter symbol Parameter description Estimate

The reverse transcriptase inhibitor drug effect0.5
The protease inhibitor drug effect 0.5
The total rate of production of healthy CD4 cells 10
The per capita death rate of healthy CD4 cells 0.02
The transmission coefficient between uninfected CD4 cells and infective virus particles 0.000024
Per capita death rate of infected CD4 cells 0.5
The virus production rate due to risk behaviors 0.001
The per capita death rate of infective virus particles 3
The death rate of infected but not yet virus producing cell 0.5
Time lag during infection 0.5
The average number of infective virus particles produced by an infected CD4 cell in the absence of treatment during its entire infectious lifetime1000