Table 2: This table illustrates the mean scores for both groups and their statistical significance during the first postoperative day (POD1), midweek, POD7, the overall average, and the overall average excluding the POD1 (POD2 to POD7).


POD1 pain5.264.580.4
POD1 dysphagia4.73.740.112
Midweek pain3.92.570.001
Midweek dysphagia3.121.870.001
POD7 pain2.411.270.001
POD7 dysphagia1.760.870.007
Pain average3.862.80.002
Dysphagia average3.22.160.005
Pain average excl POD12.151.840.001
Dysphagia average excl POD11.961.650.002