Figure 10: Canis lupus cf. spelaeus remains from adult animals, possibly from a single individual, from the Bear’s Passage of the Sophie’s Cave. (a) Bonebed with wolf and coprolite remains between cave bear bones. (b) Sketch of (a). (c) Bones: (1) right upper jaw M2. (2) First thoracic vertebra. (3) Anterior thoracic vertebra, dorsal spine. (4) Middle thoracic vertebra. (5) Posterior thoracic vertebra. (6) Upper caudal vertebra. (7) Middle caudal vertebra. (8) Middle caudal vertebra. (9) Distal caudal vertebra. (10) First sternal bone. (11) Middle sternal bone. (12) Last sternal bone. (13)–(15) Incomplete ribs. (16) Left distal radius. (17) Left pisiform. (18) Patella. (19) Left calcaneus. (20) Tarsal bone. (21) Left Mt IV. (22) Six sesamoids. (23)-(24) Phalanx I. (25)–(29) Phalanx II. (30)–(33) Phalanx III. (All in coll. Museum Castle Rabenstein).