Figure 9: Cave bear bones of the small cave bears from the Reindeer Hall bonebed of Sophie’s Cave (southern Germany) that have been chewed, bitten, and cracked by large predators (lions, hyenas, and wolves). (1) Scapula half eaten. (2) Humerus proximally chewed. (3) Humerus proximal joint eaten. (4) Proximal humerus joint with bite damages. (5) Radius distal joint eaten. (6) Metapodial chewed. (7) Fibula shaft, cracked. (8) Femur distal joint bite damaged. (9) Atlas laterally bite damaged. (10) Two posterior thoracic vertebrae with bite damages. (11) Thoracic vertebrae centrum with bite damage. (12) Pelvis, with puncture and bite scratch marks from a large hyena or lion and zigzag margins (all from coll. Museum Castle Rabenstein, left on place).