Table 1: Reduction of major/minor complications through specific interventional techniques, Liss et al. [49].

ComplicationsClavien Old rateResolutionNew rateAdjusted value*

Corneal abrasion14/200Foam-based safety goggles1/800 0.030
Fossa strictures3 a10/165Avoidance ≥ 20 F catheters 1/835 0.031
Bladder neck contractions (BNC)3 a/3 b6/592Addition of “Rocco” Stitch to Van Velthoven single knot anastomosis1/408 0.052
Camera site hernias3 b40/735Transverse Incision1/265 <0.001
Pulmonary embolus4 a5/190Thigh-high pneumatic compression early and persistent ambulation0/8100.863

Adjusted for age, BMI, and surgeon learning curve.