Table 2: An overview of some of the liposome-based therapeutic systems studied in recent years with clinical significance for veterinary medicine. (For explanation of symbols, please refer to legend).

SpeciesAgent Disease/conditionReference

DogsDoxorubicin (thermosensitive liposomes)Spontaneous canine tumours[16]
CatsDoxorubicin in conjunction with radiotherapySoft-tissue sarcoma[17]
DogsHSA cell lysatesCanine hemangiosarcoma (HSA)[23]
DogsEndostatin DNASoft-tissue sarcoma[24]
ChickensSalmonella fimbriae proteinsSalmonella enterica vaccine[32]
ChickensInactivated APEC (avian pathogenic E. coli)Avian colibacillosis vaccine[34]
ChickensNewcastle disease virusNewcastle disease vaccine[35]
SheepMIC3 protein from T. gondii Toxoplasma gondii vaccine[39]
Green-cheeked conuresButorphanol tartrateExperimentally induced arthritic pain[45]
DogsHydromorphonePostoperative pain[46]
HorsesDiclofenacOsteoarthritis pain[48]

Clinical trial. Pilot study or primary evaluation in listed species.