Table 1: Studies using a gendered, critical and sociological perspective relevant to PMHN.

Author and datePurposeDesign/methodology/approachProvinceSample sizeFindings

Wall (2010) [20]To critique nursing research on nursing practice environments using a critical sociological perspective
To propose a paradigm for future research
Review of research on nursing practice environments Sociological concepts are linked to variables in the nursing literatureRefers to nursing in general within the Canadian contextNANurses’ job satisfaction can be linked to gender knowledge, professionalization, and organization not just management concerns

McGibbon et al. (2010) [21]To reformulate the nature of nursing stress with regards to contextInterviews, participant observation, and focus groups with pediatric ICU nurses
Theoretical perspective uses Smith’s critical sociological frame of institutional ethnography
Study occurs within the province of Ontario23 nursesSix main forms of stress—emotional distress, constancy of presence, burden of responsibility, negotiating hierarchical power, engaging in bodily caring, and being mothers, daughters, aunts, and sisters