Table 3: Comparison of maximum monolayer capacity ( , mg/g) of MB adsorbed by various adsorbents.

Adsorbents , (mg/g)Reference

Citric acid modified rice straw270.30[16]
EDTA-modified rice husk46.30[40]
Sulfuric acid treated Pearl millet husk82.37[41]
Pineapple stem119.05[42]
Sulfuric acid treated Parthenium88.29[43]
Rice husk40.60[44]
Citric acid modified kenaf core fibers131.60[45]
Activated carbon from apricot136.98[46]
Oak sawdust29.94[47]
Cherry sawdust39.84[47]
Rice straw32.60This study

Citric and/or EDTA-modified alkali rice straw 62.90–135.10This study