Table 2: Energy dispersive X-ray analysis from surface of Ti-6Al-4V alloy with nitride coating II after polarization in Tyrode's solution.

ElementAreas of energy dispersive X-ray analysis (see Figure 6)
No. 1No. 2No. 3No. 4No. 5

C K40.77/69.5910.59/26.8923.04/48.47
N K13.93/35.499.16/25.54
O K5.06/6.4811.83/22.569.88/15.61
Al K0.30/0.400.13/0.100.30/0.340.34/0.490.26/0.24
Cl K0.72/0.724.65/2.694.44/3.820.61/0.682.43/1.73
P K0.05/0.06
Ca K0.03/0.03
Ti K84.98/63.3149.40/21.1472.84/46.3989.89/73.964.38/33.95

*Numerator: wt%; denominator: at%.