Research Article

Expression and Regulation of 11-β Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 2 Enzyme Activity in the Glucocorticoid-Sensitive CEM-C7 Human Leukemic Cell Line

Figure 2

HSD2 enzyme activity in CEM-C7 cells and its regulation by Dex. (a) Intact CEM-C7 cells actively metabolized 3H-labeled cortisol to cortisone, indicative of HSD2-specific enzyme activity. Pretreatment of CEM-C7 cells with 100 nM Dex reduced HSD2-specific enzyme activity. (b) The Dex-mediated reduction in HSD2 activity was blocked by 2 μM RU486. independent experiments; as compared to controls and as compared to Dex treated cells via Student’s -test.