Table 4: Result of the model selection-based AICc of a predefined set of candidate models for mammalian species with greater detectability in three remnants in the Atlantic Forest located in the municipality of Ipumirim-SC, Brazil.


Cerdocyon thous FRAG SIZE25.634.30%30.30%RCK OUT24.711.64 m1.28 mGRN COV
Eira barbara FRAG SIZE33.2132.00%33.00%RCK OUT25.961.34 m1.64 mCAN COV
Galictis cuja FRAG SIZE20.7935.20%32.00%HGT TREE16.955.84 m9.8 mDMT TREE
Sapajus nigritus FRAG SIZE20.7935.20%32.00%LIT HGT17.784.07 cm2.82 cmDIST SHR
Nasua nasua FRAG SIZE26.6134.00%32.20%RCK OUT21.831.76 m1.42 mLIT HGT
Didelphis aurita DIST STR13.9720.80 m272.3 mGRN COV17.4951.30%26.50%DAP TREE

Abbreviations used: AICc: AICc value; FRG SIZE: fragment size; DIST STR: distance of stream; RCK OUT: rocky out; HGT TREE: height tree; LIT HGT: litterfall height; GRN COV: green covering; DMT TREE: diameter tree; DIST SHR: distance of shrub; DAP TREE: diameter at breast height of tree.
1Conditions of greatest occurrence.
2Conditions of minor occurrence or absence.
(1)Best model.
(2)Second best model.