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Review Article

Glomerular Disease in Patients with Infectious Processes Developing Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies

Table 5

Renal function in 50 patients with infections, ANCA positivity, and glomerular disease.

FeaturePositive patient numberUnreported patient number
% of reported patients

Urine microscopy
 Hematuria31 (E 20; O 21)9 (E 7; O 2)98
 Dysmorphic RBCs, RBC casts21 (E 5, O 16)
 Pyuria, WBC casts6 (E: 3; O: 3)
 Increased urine protein excretion35 (E 16; O 19)15 (E 11; O 4)100
 Nephrotic proteinuria10 (E 3; O 7)29
Renal failure
 Elevated serum creatinine39 (E 20; O 19)9 (E 7; O 2)95
 Dialysis9 (E 5; O 4)18–241

%: percent, RBC: red blood cell, WBC: white blood cell, E: endocarditis, O: other than endocarditis infection. 1Dialysis was not reported but may have been used in two patients with endocarditis and acute renal failure [36] and one patient with a chronic suppurative process who presented with a serum creatinine of 2,220  mol/L [110].