Clinical Study

Effect of Socks on the Assessment of Vibration Sensation

Table 1

The duration of vibration sensation in the healthy volunteers and the patients with diabetic polyneuropathy.

GroupsAge (years) median (range) Great toe
( , mean SD)
Medial malleolus
( , mean SD)
w/o socksw/ socks P * w/o socksw/ socks P *

22 M, 28 F
37 (18–68)
0.54 0.02

5 M, 14 F
57 (32–72)
0.19 0.56

Abbreviations: H: healthy, PNP: patients with diabetic polyneuropathy, M: male, F: female, SD: standard deviation, w/: with, w/o: without, : mean difference between measurements w/o socks and w/ socks. *Paired samples t-test was used.