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Review Article

Early Total Care versus Damage Control: Current Concepts in the Orthopedic Care of Polytrauma Patients

Table 2

Patient description used for the diagnosis of the “borderline” patient. The presence of any of the parameters is associated with adverse prognosis (data from [26]).

Criteria for the evaluation of “borderline patient”

Polytrauma ISS 20 and additional thoracic trauma (AIS 2)
Polytrauma with abdominal/pelvic trauma (Moore 3) and hemodynamic shock (initial blood pressure 90 mm Hg)
ISS 40 or above in the absence of additional thoracic injury
Radiographic findings of bilateral lung contusion
Initial mean pulmonary arterial pressure 24 mm Hg
Pulmonary artery pressure increases during intramedullary nailing 6 mm Hg

Abbreviations: ISS: injury severity score, AIS: abbreviated injury scale.