International Scholarly Research Notices / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Variability of Soil Physical Properties in a Clay-Loam Soil and Its Implication on Soil Management Practices

Table 1

Descriptive statistics for soil physical properties at four depths in a clay-loam soil.


D1 (0–10 cm)
D2 (10–20 cm)
D3 (20–40 cm)
D4 (40–60 cm)

AFPS: Air filled pore space (%); BDY: Soil bulk density (gcm−3); DIFF.: Relative gas diffusion coefficient (m2 s−1 m−2 s); GWC: Gravimetric water content of soil (g·g−1); TPS: Total pore spaces (cm3 cm−3); TORT: Pore tortuosity factor (m·m−1); VAC: Volumetric air content (cm3 cm−3); VWC: Volumetric water content (cm3 cm−3); WFPS: Water filled pore space (%).