Figure 2: CT and MR enterography in a 68-year-old patient with ileal lymphoma. Axial CT image (a) shows abnormal thickening of terminal ileum (arrows), with aneurysmal pseudo-dilatation. Coronal true fisp (b) shows abnormal thickening of terminal ileum (arrows) multiple mesenteric lymph nodes (short arrows). Axial true fisp (c) and Haste sequence (d) show a long segment of terminal ileum with abnormal thickening, smooth margins, and luminal narrowing with loss of normal mucosal folds (arrows). Axial contrast T1-LAVA (e) sequence shows minimal enhancement of the mass (arrow) infiltrating the small bowel loop, with restriction of the diffusion (ADC) (f) indicative of high cellularity tissue. The morphologic and functional data are suggestive of small bowel lymphoma.