Review Article

Ultrasonographic Features of Kidney Transplants and Their Complications: An Imaging Review

Figure 1

(a) Normal transplant kidney on gray scale ultrasound, demonstrating good contrast resolution between cortex and medulla. Slight dilatation of the collecting system and pig-tail catheter (arrow) is noted. (b) Normal renal artery and vein of the transplant kidney on color Doppler ultrasound. (c) Normal homogeneous blood flow throughout the transplant kidney on color Doppler ultrasound. Interlobar, arcuate, and the peripheral cortical branches are illustrated. (d) Normal renal vein waveform on spectral Doppler ultrasound. (e) Normal intrarenal artery waveform on spectral Doppler ultrasound shows a brisk systolic upstroke and high diastolic flow. Resistive index is normal ( ). (f) Normal waveform of the renal artery on spectral Doppler ultrasound.