Table 2: Major recommendations for women following bariatric surgery.

Reliable contraception for 12–18 months after surgery

During pregnancy one standard prenatal vitamin daily, which may include or should be supplemented with the following:
(i) 1000–2000 mg of calcium citrate with vitamin D addition (50–150 mcg) daily
(ii) 40–65 mg of ferrous iron daily
(iii) 350 mcg of cobalamin sublingual daily or 1000 mcg of cobalamin intramuscular per month
(iv) 4 mg of folic acid daily
(v) 15 mg of zinc daily

Laboratory tests’ controls including the levels of iron, hemoglobin, ferritin, transferrin, calcium, homocysteine, cobalamin, and retinol

Regularly ultrasound scans followup which evaluated the fetus growth and mineralization of the skeleton

Close followup of weight changes during pregnancy and postpartum