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ISRN Nanomaterials
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Large Area C60 Film Obtained by Microwave Oven Irradiation from an Organic Resin

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2ESIQIE-UPALM, IPN Apartado Postal 118-395, 07051 México, DF, Mexico
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4ROMFER Industries Inc., Mexico
5Molecular Engineering Program, IMP Lázaro Cárdenas 152, 07730 México, DF, Mexico

Received 21 March 2013; Accepted 20 May 2013

Academic Editors: A. M. Ali, A. Kajbafvala, and C. Wang

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In the present work the synthesis of fullerene thin film produced in a conventional microwave oven from the decomposition of terpenoid is reported. The polycrystalline structure of the sample was determined by X-ray diffraction (XRD); the sample showed several phases, and the main phase corresponds to fullerene ordered in a face-centered cubic structure (FCC), with a lattice parameter  Å, with two more structures: one is orthorhombic system with lattice parameters  Å,  Å, and  Å, and the other is the monoclinic system with lattice parameters  Å,  Å,  Å, and ° coexisting also with graphite 2H phase with lattice parameters  Å,  Å. It was observed in a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) that the sample formed thin films of stacked carbon. The film thickness was measured by a SEM, and it was 140.8 to 523 nm and the macroscopic area of 12 cm2, whereas a high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) revealed that the main phase of the material is C60 ordered in a face-centered cubic structure (FCC). In the sample surface by atomic force microscopy (AFM), islands deposited crystals were observed having symmetry m crystal habit associated with the tetrahedron.