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Small-World Properties in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early Alzheimer’s Disease: A Cortical Thickness MRI Study

Table 4

Statically significant differences of cortical thickness (mm unit) comparing MCI converters (MCI C), MCI stables (MCI S) and controls (CT) over 148 cortical regions with ADNI data. And these significance (not including italic items) still remain after Bonferroni multiple group comparison adjustment with corrected P < 0.05.

ROIMCI CMCI SControl (MCI C versus CT) (MCI S versus CT) (MCI S versus MCI C)

L V P cingulate *<0.0010.0110.266
L subcallosal 2.402.612.95 *0.0070.0670.243
L I temporal2.562.882.93 *0.0020.561 *0.006
R MOTP2.722.863.07 *0.0050.1120.317
R S L temporal2.652.792.97 *0.0060.0500.202
R I temporal2.582.823.05 *<0.001 *0.0090.012
R Lat OT2.092.092.40 *0.009 *0.0090.915
L A cingulate2.562.462.670.390 *0.0100.375

L: left sided, R: right sided, V: ventral, P: posterior, S: superior, I: inferior, Lat: lateral, A: anterior, MOTP: medial occipito-temporal-parahippocampus, OT: occipito-temporal junction.
*Denotes significant statistical difference with .